Build a Personal Portfolio -- feedback please

Feedback much appreciated


Really great, responsive and looks good!

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Thank you, did my best :smiley:

Well done Danijel, keep going! :muscle:

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Thanks will do, now its JavaScript time, might be hard :sweat_smile:

Your page looks good @danijel7.

One suggestion, search html class naming conventions

Thanks :D, like BEM naming convention? I try to use that but probably not so good right? xD I will have to go read up on in again, do you have any tips here? Or did you meant something else,thanks

@danijel7, just stumbled on this. If you hit the generic reply button on the bottom I don’t get notified. If you reply to my post or use my name (@Roma) I’ll get notified. Same with any user you want to reply to.

No, I wasn’t saying use BEM. If you put in the search term I suggested you’ll see what I mean.
Instead of class="nav__link" the convention is to use class="navlink" or class="nav-link"

Okay thanks for suggestions i will do it that way next time and yeah pressed wrong buttom so no notification,my bad :sweat_smile:

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