Build a Personal Portfolio Webpage - failing TC # 10

My code is failing User Story #10:
The height of the welcome section should be equal to the height of the view-port.

But I think I have the right code…?


<section id = "welcome-section">
  <p>Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. 
Etiam ut metus in mi egestas porttitor at ut ex.</p>


    height: 100vh;

Please help!

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may i see your codepen?

Oops, yes.

the height of your welcome-section is only 66 pixels
here’s a screen shot showing the area when I inspect it in the browser

What you need is to expand that to cover the entire space…

I think you have to re-think your html layout…

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It looks like that even though I had the code to do exactly that:

    height: 100vh;

It was only in the media query (for mobile phone sizes) so I had to add it to the non-mobile phone viewport code. :roll_eyes: