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User Story #10: The height of the welcome section should be equal to the height of the viewport.

I have no Idea how to get this test to pass. I have done everything in the help sections and can still not seem to get it to pass. I wrote this code earlier had everything passing. I accidently deleted it and now I cant get this to pass.

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#welcome-section {
 height: 100vh;

He’s already targeting that with the .intro class. But for some reason it has 125vh. But setting it to 100vh still doesn’t quite do it - perhaps being thrown off by the nav or some padding/margin. By watching the test results, I found that 91vh worked.

Kevin Smith an mitestainer thnk you both for your help . I just got rid of the padding elements and adjusted them with margins, than I added vertical height to welcome section of 100vh. That fixed the problem. I wouldn’t of figured that out without your feedback. Thank you both

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