Build a Personal Portfolio Webpage (unable to pass 1 of the test)

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I have created just the outline for portfolio .
I am not able to fix the 1 of the test (The height of the welcome section should be equal to the height of the viewport.)

I have given height: 100vh; for welcome-section.

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you specified the welcome section selector like this:


but you used an id attribute in the html so the class selector (dot) will not work

#welcome-section {

Thanks , my bad :frowning:

Have a nice day :slight_smile:

@hbar1st- I have changed it, it is still failing.

Couple of things:

You need to define the viewport meta tag. Click the html settings in codepen to add it.

Your header is taking up some height in the page. This prevents the welcome from being the full available viewport height.
Either get rid of the header (by putting navbar inside the welcome section) or define it in such a way that its height appears to be zero.

There are many portfolios implemented on fcc, look thru these for ideas.

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still stuck :frowning: .Need Help .

I have added meta tag in html setting of codepen but still it fails.

Looks like you are off by exactly 2 pixels. These two pixels are from the border you applied around everything in your css… try specifying the border around specific things and using box-sizing to include the border.

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Thank you . Border was the reason. :slight_smile: