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I can’t seem to make the welcome section of my portfolio to be equal in height to that of the view port. If anything, it’s overlaid.
Plus, I’ve googled possible solutions, even been redirected here, and read of similar problems but the solutions don’t seem to match. Your help will be appreciated, please.
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Challenge: Build a Personal Portfolio Webpage

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Hi @CODEean,

I watched a little your code. As you probably saw, each time you update the CSS part for your welcome-section nothing happens. It is because you have a typo mistake into your HTML.

<section id="welcome-section" class="welcome-sction">
  <h1>Hello, CODEean here</h1>
    I'm a budding web developer, programming enthusiast and so much more. LoL!

Watch how you wrote the class in your section tag and then it will work.

Oh my! I didn’t notice. Thank you.

You’re welcome @CODEean :slight_smile:

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