Build a Personal Portfolio Webpage - nav is apparently not at top?

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Hi guys,

I’m trying to finish this project but I’m stumped on the final two user stories. I’m asking to ensure the nav bar is always at the top, which it appears to be?
And to make the welcome section equal to the viewheight which I have done (I think?)
Any and all help is appreciated.


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Hrm, it’s the test suite that is erroring out on that step, that uncaught exception isn’t normal. See if you can fix the viewport error first.

I’m trying my best, I’m completely stumped. Been here over an hour trying to figure it out :(. The project is effectively done, is it not? I’ve added a note to my fork, doubt I’ll figure this one alone.

No. You have padding on the welcome section. If you remove it you will pass that test. Then yes, I’d call it done.

Lol whoops! However, the navbar is still not passing? :s It’s really bugging me aha.

There seems to be a issue with the testing suite. That is not a normal error. I’d suggest clicking on report a bug under tests. Follow the template and log the issue on github so it will get looked at.

Aw :frowning: thank you for your help!!

Add top:0; to ur Nav ul css i think that should do it

Edit: nvm lol sorry

The test requires your navbar to be at the top of the viewport,

And, your navbar starts from <nav>, therefore you should apply the properties of position: fixed and more to the <nav> which contains an id=“navbar”

Copy all the properties from ul and apply it on <nav> and use flexbox properties on ul to make it align on the right.

Note: I did try the above said info on your pen and it passed 12/12