Build a Pokémon Search App Project - Build a Pokémon Search App

PLEASE I AM STUCK IN IT SINCE LIKE 3 HOURS :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob:
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Build a Pokémon Search App Project - Build a Pokémon Search App

on clicking the button like with pikachu as input, its first showing the alert of pokemon not found as if it jumps directly into catch(err) without fetching, and then on clicking OK of alert… it then shows name id weight height and thats it nothing else.
here’s the js doc:

const button = document.getElementById("search-button");
const hp = document.getElementById("hp");
const attack = document.getElementById("attack");
const defense = document.getElementById("defense");
const specialAttack = document.getElementById("special-attack");
const specialDefense = document.getElementById("special-defense");
const speed = document.getElementById("speed");
const pokemonName = document.getElementById("pokemon-name");
const pokemonId = document.getElementById("pokemon-id");
const weight = document.getElementById("weight");
const height = document.getElementById("height");
const types = document.getElementById("types");
const spriteContainer = document.getElementById("sprite-container");

const getPokemon = async () => {
  try {
    const pokemonNameOrId = input.value.toLowerCase();
    const response = await fetch(
    const data = await response.json();

    pokemonName.textContent = `${}`;
    pokemonId.textContent = `#${}`;
    weight.textContent = `Weight: ${data.weight}`;
    height.textContent = `Height: ${data.height}`;
    spriteContainer.innerHTML = `<img class="sprite" src="${data.sprites.front_default}" alt="${}'s image">`;
    types.innerHTML = data.types
      .map(obj => `<span class="type ${}">${}</span>`)

    hp.textContent = data.stats[0].base_stat;
    attack.textContent = data.stats[1].base_stat;
    defense.textContent = data.stats[2].base_stat;
    specialAttack = data.stats[3].base_stat;
    specialDefense = data.stats[4].base_stat;
    speed = data.stats[5].base_stat;
    alert('Pokémon not found!');

const reset = () => {
  const sprite = document.getElementById('sprite');
  if (sprite) sprite.remove();

  pokemonName.textContent = '';
  pokemonId.textContent = '';
  types.innerHTML = '';
  height.textContent = '';
  weight.textContent = '';
  hp.textContent = '';
  attack.textContent = '';
  defense.textContent = '';
  specialAttack.textContent = '';
  specialDefense.textContent = '';
  speed.textContent = '';

button.addEventListener("click", getPokemon);
input.addEventListener("keydown", e => {
  if(e.key === "Enter"){

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please provide also your html, so that we can debug properly

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Log out the error inside the catch, you should be able to see the issue.

Just in general, a try/catch isn’t super useful if you do not log out the error.

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