Build a Product Landing Page Grid help

I have tried to create a grid to place items into headers, main, and footer. Then place my nav bar at the top to be fixed. I have colored it so to see what is happening.
I can’t understand grids I need some help here what is wrong with it.


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Link to the challenge:

This helped me to understand grids better…

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You gave grid display to the header element, so only your navbar and image are in the grid. I see that you’ve given grid areas to the container class element, but the class was assigned to header.

Ok I gave it to all and what a mess. At least i know its working.

Hay thats Cool its like kindergarten. When’s nap time?

Update. still out in left field.

I don’t see what’s changed :confused:

I don’t even think my container part is working.

Posting this I know I’ll either get lambasted by the user community or you. Or that you’ll ignore it and open yet another thread but here goes.

You’re getting ahead of yourself by not meeting the user stories and then trying to style your page to meet those requirements. Each of the projects builds on the previous project so as you build each project you’ll build on what you’ve learned in the previous one.
I mentioned to you when you were doing the Tribute Page that you needed to meet the user stories and your response was;
“Yes I know about all those thing but i dont think their important for now. spending to much time on it i just turned it in.”[sic]

Even in this thread you were given advice and after that they replied to you;
I don’t see what’s changed :confused:

You may or may not have noticed that the same people keep trying to help you. We are not here to give you answers, we are here to help you and guide you. Remember that the projects tell you to “READ-SEARCH-ASK” fCC is not the end all in teaching. You won’t find any course that will give you every answer to every situation that you’ll encounter. It’s not possible.
And in the real world, you’ll be given user stories to meet. You can’t pick and choose which ones you want and which ones you’ll ignore.

So, after all this my advice to you is this. Take a step back. First, meet each of the user stories and then, and only then, work on styling your page. You’ll find that things flow easier and you won’t have such a hard time making things work.

Edit I posted a link to earlier in this thread, did that help at all?


“Yes I know about all those things but I don’t think they’re important for now. spending to much time on it i just turned it in.”[sic]

You took my words out of context. I was talking about your bullet points.

"* on a small screen none of your bullet points show

Also codepen provides you with validators for HTML and CSS. In each of the sections click on the down arrow and then click ‘Analyze HTML’ and ‘Analyze CSS’ respectively. You have some things in your HTML that you should clean up."

Not anything to do with not wanting to do my work. I’ve changed my project several times. it is not working if it did I would have told you so.

My projects are mine just because you help don’t make it yours so back off.
If you feel you don’t want to help me then don’t, I don’t need you but if you are going to accuse me of something then you have better be sure you are right.

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As far as not changing its my link. I’m using collaborate and it gives me a new link every time. But you have been seeing the same page. So my link isn’t working either.I may have to go back to codepen and hope it don’t crash.

Man I really don’t want to leave jsfiddle. anyone know how to fix this so they can see I have been working.

so since I been accused of not doing anything. this is what I did I went to my settings and click on all fiddles and there were all my fiddles so far. With 19 for this one alone. At the front of them was my first I did what last week. So I returned to my fiddle click on set as base and my last fiddle is now in front.