Build a Product Landing Page - Help needed

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When my screen is small the nav bar shows properly up to a certain point then it starts looking weird. When my screen is large my nav bar also appears odd. I am not sure what I did wrong. My codepen is

Can you also tell me why I need ot have so many breaks in order to not have my email newsletter sign up in the top left of the screen?
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I am not going to paste the code here as there is a lot of it.
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You margins are messing up your navbar. I would get rid of all your margin properties and give your li items something like margin: 4%;

Also give your section id with email text-align:center;

Good luck!

So I did that now, but is still messed up.

See my IM - i think it will help you


Remove position fixed from .fixed class.

Give your id email text-align: center.

You should take a course here at FCC the responsive web design curriculum especially course on flex will make this project a lot easier.