Build a Product Landing Page - Help!

I keep going through the checklist to see what I’m missing but can’t seem to see the issue.

Here is my CodePen:

Forgive me for the fact it’s very rudimentary! I’m still yet to style it.

email input should have a name attribute with the value of “email”

<selfClosingHtmlTag id='something' type='email' name='whatTheyWantYouToCallThis'>

i’d also clean up your html
<form> is missing one of these: >
<input> is a self-closing html tag, so you don’t need to write </input>
also the <input> for submit does’t need the method or action attributes; you have them correctly within the <form>'s attributes.

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btw, the test suite is quite specific on what they want from you.

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  • <form id="form" action="" method="POST" missing > at the end
  • label for="email" id="email-label" class="labels">Email:</label> missing < at thestart
  • inputs are self closing means you dont need to type </input> instead just close it with >. Correct this mistake.
  • finally you need to add name attribute to your input email i-e name="email" , this will pass the test. As this can be seen in the error report
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Thank you for your help! And also thank you for pointing this out to me! I didn’t realise you could look at what was wrong on the test suite I thought it only shows how much of the criteria I’ve met. Learning as I go, haha. Thanks for the tips also. I’ve cleaned up my HTML now!

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