'Build a Product Landing Page' help


I want to display images and embed video on my Product Landing page in order to meet user story requirements.

How can I be sure that images displayed on my site aren’t violating any copyright rules?

How can I embed a video from youtube without using iframe? (This is to pass user story #6)?


  1. Search the video you are looking for in Youtube and copy its youtube’s url.
  2. Paste your youtube video’s url inside src=“your url here”.
  3. In the url replace “watch?v=” with “embed/”. Example,
  4. Thats it! Your are done!

@Sendy, user story #6 doesn’t say not to use iframe but if for some reason you don’t want to use it, your question is the perfect way to phrase it when you Google it.

Thank you for your help on the second question.

For the first question, I am still unsure how to proceed.

If I link to an image from the web in my html and then upload my project to codepen, will I need to be concerned about copyright infringement?

Thank you for any help.

  1. Don’t directly link to someone else’s images from codepen or anywhere else, since the url may break, or they may even substitute a different image instead (and I’ve seen some nasty ones). Upload it somewhere like photobucket or cloudinary instead (don’t use imgur) and link to that instead.

  2. Use royalty-free images for your projects, such as from unsplash.com or lorempixel.com. You can also search for free images on google images’ advanced search interface (see the very bottom option on the page)