Build a Product Landing Page Project Questions, Discussions, and Resources (January 2018 Cohort)


Here’s the January 2018 fCC cohort information and schedule.

This topic is for members of the January 2018 fCC cohort to share information, review, and give feedback for the beta curriculum product landing page project. Click on the cohort link if you’d like to join.

Reply below with your questions, comments, and additional resources regarding the Product Landing Page Project.

DEADLINE: 2018-03-04 23:59 PST (2018-03-05 04:59 UTC)



  • Please plan to complete your project before the deadline so there is plenty of time for others to submit a review.

  • When you’re ready to submit your project for review, create a new topic for your project and add it to the list below.

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(Source: Codecademy)

  1. Does this project adhere to best coding practices? Is it well formatted and tidy?

  2. Is the HTML structure convoluted and unnecessarily nested? Are container elements used in a way that enhance overall page structure? In other words, does the student effectively use container elements to create a coherent structure without venturing into divitis territory?

  3. Does the stylesheet make good use of the cascade and classes to avoid redundancy in the CSS?

  4. Can the CSS or HTML be simplified?

  5. Are selectors too long (say greater than three elements) and does the student try to keep CSS specificity low?

  6. Are the relative paths correct?

  7. Are semantic tags being used correctly? Are deprecated tags being used?

  8. Are concise but descriptive alt attributes being used?

  9. Are semantic class names being used?


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I have been working on mines for what seems like ages and it just doesnt seem to be looking, feeling or moving right. Thinking in scraping what I am working on and starting fresh.

@angelinalblyth I feel similarly about my projects from time to time. :sunny: Do you use Git?

What I’ll do when I feel this way is commit what I currently have and then create a new branch. Then, I either start from scratch on the new branch or drastically change the code to match the way I’m thinking it should be. Sometimes I find that I like the changes, other times I find that the changes aren’t as good as I thought they’d be and end up keeping the original code. Using Git helps me keep all of the versions of my project in one place so it feels less messy for me than keeping multiple copies of folders.

We don’t learn Git in the fCC curriculum, but Codecademy introduces it early on in their curriculum, so I think that suggests that it’s a reasonable tool for us to learn and use at this point.

Also, taking a break for a day or two may help me see my project from fresh eyes. Sometimes, what I was frustrated or unhappy with before looks/acts fine after a break. Sometimes, it’s the opposite, and what I thought was awesome really wasn’t.

I feel this process is one that’s valuable for development but often not seen by outsiders. In my experience, this means people think making websites is easy and should be cheap. In reality, it takes a lot of thought and work.

One last thing about my experience, I find the deadlines to be helpful in that I do as much as I can and release it by the deadline even if it’s not perfect. Then, I can make changes and fix things later as needed and as others notice it. The deadlines push me to share my code and learn how others perceive it, even if I feel like my code has issues or is not good.

I hope at least some of that helps. :prayer_beads:


It does help, thanks. I am going to work on it more hopefully this week and submit it on Friday as I wont have time to look again at it over the weekend.

Hopefully I can get it looking a bit better. I haven’t started using git as I just cant seem to wrap my head around it at time. The tutorials I have tried dont seem to tell me how to use it the way I want it. I’m just going to continue to use codepen for the time being and learn git on the side.


@angelinalblyth Yeah, getting familiar with Git was a problem for me too but while working on this project I felt I just need some version control or else I was doing the same things over and over again.

I still don’t know how to use all the Git features but I am using the built-in Git functions in my text editor - first Atom and then Visual Studio Code (much more extensive support) - and it made my life so much easier.

Added my topic to the list above as I dont think I will get to work on it much more after today and will be a few days before I can start the technical page. Hope everyone is getting on ok with this :slight_smile: .

OK! Finished (kind of, IDK if I did a product landing page at all :joy:).
But here it is: Product Landing Page.

I’m pretty sure it’s not complete so I’ll fix the issues (esp the hamburger menu and the navbar not being constantly at the top) bit by bit sooner or later as I don’t want to focus on it a bit too much.

I added my project to the list, please review here.

what is a landing page please?

@deedee You can Google its definition, check out the working example on the project’s page or look at other campers’ projects.
I would define it as a one page website that provides information regarding a prduct or service.

I added my landing page as well, here’s a link to my forum post if anyone gets a chance to look over it.