Build a Product Landing Page review, please!

[Any opinion is welcome.]

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Hi @icxc !

I think your page looks good.

You might consider add a background color for the navbar so the text doesn’t overlap like this.

Thanks Jessica. You are right. I added a background to the navigation.
On the other hand, I am surprised that only you are active, friendly, useful in feedback on this forum.
Is there really no one else from the leaders to contribute with advice and help?
I notice a lot of people join this forum to learn, to comment, to achieve something.
But collaborating with those responsible on the forum to teach them is inefficient, cold, with an air of superiority.
Maybe something should be changed in this direction.
Or maybe I should be banned for giving my opinion.

Hi @icxc
Your Page looks good .I think that the only thing that can be improved is by aligning the video in center.

Thanks Rohan. You are right. I will do it.

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