How could I improve my product page?

Hello, this is the first time that I’ve posted here and I thought that it would be good to get some feedback before completing more projects.

I still need to make this page responsive, but does this look OK so far? Could I improve anything? I’ve just noticed that the video doesn’t appear in the editor mode, not sure why.


Good work! Few suggestions I have.

  • I would change the background color to something other than black which gives that dark feeling. Try to study a big on color theory and make your site ‘warm’ and ‘happy’.
  • Center input box.
  • Make submit button as high as input box.
  • Give some paddings to product cards.

Cheers :slight_smile:

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In addition to @shimphillip’s suggestions I would:

  • Center the youtube video.
  • I would change text-align: justify; to text-align: center; in your .offerboxes class. Justifying creates some weird spacing issues. This is a personal consideration though; justifying the content gets the job done.
  • Add align-items: center; to your .navbar class. This will push that image in your navbar down a little bit and make everything align better :ok_hand:.
  • I think centering your header tags would make make things nicer, symmetry is the new sexy :sunglasses:.
  • Either add “green” to “roof” in all your package descriptions, or delete it from the 1st box, for the sake of consistency.
  • There’s a grammar mistake on this line:
    • If you require our services at the last minute, we can be at your location within a hour* as we can operate remotely from our base.
    • It should read within an hour.

Keep up the great work! It takes a lot of courage to put up your work for review and improvement, I applaud you for trying to better yourself :clap:

Hello @shimphillip and @RadDevDad ,

Many thanks for the feedback and encouragement! I’ve applied a few of the suggestions you’ve mentioned and it’s starting to look better already. I’ll make more changes tomorrow as I have the day off work. It’s nice when I can concentrate on it for a few hours at a time.

Thanks again!

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