"Build a Random Quote Machine" Having trouble

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It says I need to close the element, but I have a closing tag.
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Challenge: Build a Random Quote Machine

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In React the could be only one root JSX element. If you have many, you should wrap them in an empty element:

        <Title />
        <div id="quote-box">
          <button onClick={this.increment}>{this.state.BT}</button>
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I have now a function, but it’s in my object and is not working? How can I make random function with the length of my array the correct way?

min = 0;
max = array.length - 1;

Why did you put the function in the object?

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I find React confusing.
Because I add the array there.

Add it like other functions (increment, handleChange) in the class body and call it using this.mathR and reference Country via this.state.Country.

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id even say you should put those function outside the class body. They can be defined on their own and called anywhere in your code to execute what they are meant to do. They are not like the class method(handleChange) which is meant to interact with the element own state

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Why is my text not showing up?

I tried this {this.state.Country[this.state.NumberR]}

I have 1 last issue, display the quote.

You have typo on line 104:

<h2 id="author">{this.state.Capital[this.state.numberR]}</h2>
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Thanks, fixed it but, when I tap the button it’s not making a random number.

Your onClick handler in button doesn’t do anything. You must pass a function.

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onClick={this.increment, this.handleChange, this.MathR}

Why is this not the functions?

The function is the stuff between curly braces {}
How this is a function?

this.increment, this.handleChange, this.MathR
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I tried this and

onClick={{this.increment}, {this.handleChange}, {this.MathR}}

It’s between curly braces

It looked like this onClick={this.increment, this.handleChange, this.MathR}

This is not a function onClick{this.increment} ?

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Works now, except index 0 only works.

Thanks, I made some mistake with Math.random, now it works. :sweat_smile:

The link you sent me solved the problem also.
And all the other stuff you helped me with, thanks.

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