Build a Random Quote Machine (PROBLEM)

Hey guys, im here to ask you help, i was all day doing the Random Quote Machine (Which i already completed), the problem is that i manipulated the DOM with jQuery (Which needs a document for the library to work), and the BIG problem is that in code pen i can only use 1 JavaScript Document, which makes my jQuery completly useless be cause i cant import the library to the Code Pen (Unlike Bootstrap 5, that works perfectly).

Someone knows what can i do?, i don’t want to change to another FrameWork tho.

Link to the challenge:

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Hi @keitanholtschmit !

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If you want an online editor that supports multiple files then use codesandbox

I personally thinks it works better for the front end projects, especially for react, than codepen.


Thanks for the advice, but its for a Freecodecamp challenge, so, i cant quite use another tool but CodePen to do this task

You are allowed to use other tools besides codepen.

It is not required to use codepen for the FCC projects.

People have used other editors like replit, codesandbox, glitch or their own local environment and then deployed the site to github pages or netlify.

Codepen is just suggested because it is easier for beginners to get started with.

But once you dive deeper into the curriculum, like the front end section, then you will want to user better tools.

Hope that helps!

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I’m not sure, but I think the codepen example in the challenge uses jquery.

In the Codepen example, on the JS file tab, there is a gear to the right, beside the drop down. Clicking the gear brings up “Pen Settings”, with an option to add external scripts. The example seems to load jquery from cloudflare. You probably can just copy the jquery URLs from the example.

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Hi @esc2345 !

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You are correct in saying that the FCC example uses jQuery. :grinning:

I just suggested using another editor since @keitanholtschmit was struggling to get it working with codepen.

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Thanks for the info. It’s good to know that other editors are possible. I wasn’t sure if @keitanholtschmit saw the gear and Pen Settings.

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