Build a Survey Form 16 stories

I need a clue.
This project has 16 user stories,
yet a successful score must total 17/17.
I have built the form one user story at a time,
fulfilling each user story in order successfully
and receiving one point for each user story
and as expected attained a score of 16.
What an I missing ?

click on the number of passed user stories to see the list of passed and not passed

also, below each failed user story there is an error with usually enough info to know what to fix (if there is more than one reason, it shows one at a time, so go back to check)

ieahleenmagical girl


click on the number of passed user stories

Thank you
for pointing out the obvious
Just what I needed :flushed:
what I needed was an Embarrassed emoji
flushed face was the closest I could find