Build a Survey Form - Stuck at 16/17

I finished the Build a Survey form, however I can not get past 16/17 passed. The project itself only has 16 User Stories. Is there something I’m not seeing?

Also feel free to give feedback on anything else I might be able to improve on. It would be much appreciated. Thank you.

This is my codepen project.

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Can you share the link to the codepen? thanks

I think I did share it. But here it is.

oh thats right, sorry!!!
You are missing user-story 14…

Thank you. I updated each <input type: ""> from “radio” to “checkbox”. And it seems I already had the ‘value’ set. It’s still showing as 16/17.

  1. Make sure they have the same name attri value
  2. Make sure are at least 2 radio buttons
  1. Make sure they are radio buttons
    If that doesn’t work, please show me an update link to your codepen to check:)

Hello, I was finally able to figure it out! You were right, I was missing user-story 14. The reason I kept failing was because I kept changing my radio buttons to checkbox, and vice versa.

I kept switching between failing user-story 14 and failing user-story 13. I never realized. Lol.

Thanks for helping me out!

Here is my updated code which includes BOTH radio and checkbox buttons.

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