Build a Survey Form - I am stuck!

Hi guys,

Quite new to fCC and to software development, really enjoying it so far.

I run through the Tribute Page project ( rather quickly but I am now getting stuck on the Survey Form project… would you guys help me out with some hints? I am currently failing the test getting only 15/17.

I believe there is a problem with User Story #9 - would really appreciate some guidance on this one. This should get me to 16/17. Still, no clue though where the last missing bit is? Any idea?

If you have any other feedback, feel free to share.

Thanks in advance

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Your radio buttons needed a value attribute. Anything would do.

And, you confused the tester, by having your button within a div with an id of ‘submit’. Change the _div_s id to something else.

P.S. As a South African, I am quite happy with your tribute page.

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I haven’t done the survey form project myself but if you need a comprehensive guide on matters relating to forms you can read this tutorial

I must admit it took me over two days to come to grips with form design in HTML and CSS and i have not thoroughly understood it. Getting stucked means your knowledge in that area is limited. I recommend understanding the basics by first reading more about form design.

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Thanks nibble, the info in the link are really well presented and useful.

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Cheers my friend. Enjoy!

yea i’m stuck too. I just can’t figure out what the test is asking for.
here is the html
any ideas would be greatly appreciated.