Stuck...Literally! User Story Project Test ,Possible false result!

The form code for 1st project “User Survey” is hard to pass because there is one fail on the survey form that says to have a form element with the ID of the survey form.

You should have a form element with an id of survey-form.

My code does have it, however, the test still shows an x. I have been stuck on this form, and worked on code numerous times, learning along the way. I’ve run my code with my code pen. I’ve watched a few videos, and I know I must go a long way to have mastery of this skill. I worked hard towards creating a first certification project, that I can add to my profile. Yet, doesn’t seem like I am going anywhere past this test. I am not sure about the test at this point, after finally passing all requirements, just to be held back on one error, that doesn’t seem like a true error. I even asked Ai to review my code and tell me if I have a form element with an id of survey form.

Hi @lomariecob , welcome to the community.

On a HTML document, the id must be unique.

In your HTML code, you used both servey-form as id for the form on line 15 and the div on line 12.
Try to use a different id for the div on line 12.

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Thanks for replying. I appreciate that very much. Okay, I will try that and see what happens next. I will come back to update you on the results. Thanks, :crossed_fingers:

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@toan , You’re a genius. Thank you! I am so glad you volunteered your time to be an extra pair of eyes. I must make sure to remember the unique id rule.

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