Stuck on "Build a Survey Form"

First, it’s great to meet you all. I’m studying code here at FreeCodeCamp to generally improve my skills as an independent marketing and content freelancer.

That said, I’m currently building the survey form for the “Introductions to Responsive Web Design Projects.” For some reason, whenever I run the tests, it always fails “12/17.” I assume that means there’s something wrong with “User Story #12: Inside the form element, I can select an option from a dropdown that has a corresponding `id=“dropdown”.”

No matter how much I review and tweak it, it never passes. Here’s the link to my code. What am I missing?

Its not that it failed at the twelfth of seventeen tests – it’s that it passed twelve, and failed five. So, for example, the second test. It wants to see that the block element with the id description is a paragraph tag. A few later, you’ve got another error: the label elements for name, email and number do not have the expected id’s. The errors are pretty explanatory.

Currently, you’re failing tests 2, 9, 10, 13 and 16.

Seconded what snowmonkey (the name amuses me) says, have a closer look at what’s actually failing

Nice overall design though

There’s a story behind the nickname, @paulgoogle. Stand me a round sometime, we’ll swap stories. :wink:

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Just to be clear, If you click the button (the one with “Tests number/number”) it will bring up a modal with info on the failing tests.

Thanks, guys, good advice! Once I clicked on the red button and saw where the errors were, I worked through everything and nailed it.