Build a Survey Form Complete According to checking just want to tidy up the layout (no grid)

Hi, i just finished the survey according to the autochecker however my layout is bad i started by trying to recplicate roughly the example and now my feilds are going across instead of 1 on each line i tried display:block in various places but it didnt change it and have been looking at w3 and did a basic search and i just cant find what im looking for.

My CodePen:

Why don’t you try “display: flex;”? There is a great tutorial here and it’s very simple to use!

Also, the green background is too bright, you should choose another color or lower it’s contrast.

thanks for the responce i used the css grid for the first challenge and thought as this didnt have any form of demand for a real layout that just basic css working as orginally designed top down 1 markup per line would be simple to achive am i wrong there?

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No, you are right. Flexbox helps you to layout and make things responsive (which is the goal of the certificate) but you can do it with basic CSS also.

could you tell me what i would need to do to use normall css or have i gone completely wrong and should just add a 2x2 grid tomorrow(or try do it with flex)?