Survey-Form Project*

Please check my survey form:

I passed the tests, but I couldn’t get the right code to ensure that the layout is not distorted when opened in a different screen/browser.

I may have used too much coding in some areas as well:slightly_smiling_face:

Any assistance/suggestions will be much appreciated

Feels very modern retro. I like the style you’ve chosen.

Work on making it a bit more repsonsive, this happens at mobile widths:

The input boxes (for name and email) need some padding so that the user input isn’t right up against the border of the input box.

In the checkbox question area, I’d have it so that if a user clicks on the words, the checkbox is clicked as well. Right now, I can only select the checkbox in order to select the answer.

I’d not use style="color: red" in the html. I’d setup divs and give them a class name, that way later if you want to change up that color, all you have to do is go into the css and change up one thing, not search around in your html.

Thank you saclark. I don’t know how to make it more responsive, I have tried but it’s not working. Kindly help me figure it out

The best advice I can give to help you is to point you to the example survey… study it and look for the differences between it and yours.

Also anytime I am working with CSS flexbox and grid I reference these:

It’s not easy. It can be overwhelming and difficult but don’t give up, just keep pushing, working at it when you can and things will click.

Great! I’ll do that…thanks for the insights