Survey Form Completed

Finally finished my 1st survey form and the styling was the hardest part to get down. I could still use some assistance on how to make it better. Let me know what you all think.

It’s great bro. But I would recommend you to use flex or grid order the radio elements properly. Also for input fields I would suggest you to give width of 100% . You have done a great job.

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Hello guy today i made the survey form project,please review it and provide the feedback .
Thank You:bowing_man:

Thank you for the feedback! I am slowly learning about the flex and grid properties. Literally brand new to coding just a few weeks ago.

The only thing I would change is the alignment of the main survey elements with Flexbox for ex.
see mine below:

Is using Display: flex, the easiest way to get everything lined up correctly?

I can’t say for sure… That s what I use at the moment for various projects. I also like grid.

Good for start :+1:

but indeed it needs some work.

Especially the layout, try to use a neat, simple layout, and don’t try to mess up everything about layouting together.

Some issues so far
Layout, it’s not responsive well, same for locating elements(contents).
Radio, and checkbox button, no label associated to them.

Good parts:
palceholder for text fields, very good.
Default global font-size(no override), very good.
Simple and neat design. Elements are all great to catch by eyez

Don’t rush, be patient, even if it needs you to do many times to make it easy and kind of easy for you, let’s gain that experience right now.

Also check my survey form challenge walkthrough article, may help you some.

keep goin on great work, happy programming.

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Very good work, I like it.

The only issue I could mention is about layout for mobile. This is true it’s responsive, but it has kind of too much margin/padding in mobile.

Check the link I provided with previous reply, hope it helps.

Also check this link which is about a sample template survey form. Try to see and find out how does the layout works and functioning for all screen sizes.
It keeps the form at the center of page for desktop, and remove not required margin/padding from screen edge in mobile.
(please don’t judge me with my design, I’m not a UI/UX expert)

Everything else looks good. Fix the layout for now.

Keep goin on great work, happy programming.