Survey form, feedback appreciated

I finally finished the survey form. Despite the simple layout it took ages to style. Any feedback and suggestions appreciated,

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Looks very good. Layout is functional and working. good.

Some small issues, first is about radio and checkbox buttons, they have no any label associated to them, please fix. checkbox buttons have labels, but broken. all refer to one checkbox, fix.

You used placeholder for text fields, but used default value for textarea. use same palceholder for textarea, and remember to not leave anything(even new line_ between open and close tag of textarea.

This also maybe better to make elements a little bigger for mobile view, even for desktop could be good. example adding padding for text fields.

Having a default non selectable option for combobox could be good thing, add it.

Also have a read on my survey form challenge walkthrough post which included all of these suggestion there with more explanations and samples.

Keep goin on great work, like to see some update and good progress soon. happy programming

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Thanks for the suggestions. I’ll have a look today. I stumbled across your article last night and had a quick read, some good suggestions in there.

Very good.
I’m sure someone has already commented about this … but. Clicking the submit button should also clear the comments field.

Other then that , great job!!!

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The only thing I noticed was if I shrink the browser width, at some point the input fields go below, but the one shown below starts below, then jumps back to the line.


Ultimately, it should look like below instead.


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Thanks , I’ll have a look at that

Good spotting. I’ll fix that too.

And I really thought I was finally finished with this challenge :sweat:

Actually, your project is very good. I was only pointing out a very small issue. Some may say that it is a non-issue.

No problem, it was an easy fix and looks more professional now.

All changes live now. Thanks for all the suggestions, it’s those small details that make the difference.

great work, keep up the good work

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