Survey Form - just finished (fire department operation report)

Just finished my project Survey Form.

Take a look, i appreciate your feedback on it!

Another simple and great design! good.

The color scheme and overall layout looks good. It’s responsive, but please use relative values over absolute values.

Mixing margine and padding is not very good idea sometimes! for instance you set 50px as margin for body, then add another margin and padding for the form. This is not an issue, but for small screens(maybe tabs) the margin looks too much a little (suggestion: remove body margin value).

You forgot to set place holders for some text fields and the text area.

Also radio and checkbox come with no associated label again!.

For mobile you please add a little more spacing between radio and checkboxes could be better.

The combobox has no default value selected(good), but using something like ‘–select–’ instead of empty text could be better.

I’m not sure if it’s part of your assignment or not, but if the combobox should be either yes or no, you should not let user select the empty element again.

If you could apply the same size you did for the text fields for teh combobox will be great.
Same try to set the same height of text fields for the submit button.

keep going on great work, happy programming

Thanks for your great and useful hints! With your suggestion i think it’s quite better now.

Looks better now, but you need to fix the label linking to correct input element. seems you copy pasted the tags, and forgot to associate and fix the each label link to correct input. Please fix, it’s very bad.

Another suggestion is fill the form to body in mobile view to utilize more space for the content(not very critical)

Keep going on good work, happy programming

Many Thanks.

At the time, I did not know exactly why there should be a label tag.
Now I understand. The user can now click on the text (for example sunny) and this radio is activated.

Many Thanks!

Responsiveness for Mobile View should now be better too.

Well done, looks much better now. Almost done.
I also realized you set height value for the combo box and text fields. It’s better you set padding instead of make it bigger by overriding height, but the good part is you used relative value, very good.

Also suggest you set the same size for text fields just as the combobox (synct he sizes)

well done, keep goin on great work, happy programming