Survey Form Project Feedback Appreciated

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Looks rich, very good.

Layout is functional, and responsive, perfect. But I’ve got some suggestion for that I’ll tell.

Colour scheme is great, no matter what colour you choose, for many people being clear is important.

Placeholder for textfield and textarea, great.

Associated labels for radio and checkbox buttons, very good.

There is a disabled option fo your combobox, but it’s not selected by default, please fix.

Submit button looks very sharp and cool, lovely.

The only issue(which is not critical) could be about layout. it’s working, but could be better.

For mobile especially, I think if you apply less padding/margin to take more space for page contents will be great.
please check:

As You see, there are some notable kind of too much spacing from screen edge, check space at left side of checkbox buttons, it looks a little too much for mobile.

also check text field sizes,and labels., I think if you place one element in each line(row) would be great, also let each element fit to parent width, awesome(just like “what is your platform…” text goes fit the parent, it’s great).

Alos let textarea goes larger in mobile, it’s so small, check:

Having some more spacing after the submit button would be great, maybe better after form.

I really liked your work, and I know you could fix these issues(not critical) very easy.

I also have a post about survey form challenge walkthrough I stated these stuffs here more in detail. Same included with a very basic template which may help you I hope, you may have a read(feedback is appreciated too)

Keep goin on great work, happy programming.

Thank you for the quick feedback and all the compliments. On the mobile side i checked it on my pixel 2 xl and didn’t see the misalignment on the input labels but will make them more responsive . I will make the changes you have recommended and remember them for future projects. Thanks again!