Project feedback -- Survey

Feedback please

Looks very neat, simple and great.

Some good stuffs I liked:
placeholder for text fields, very good. but you forgot to set placeholder for textarea, fix it.
radio and checkbox buttons come with associated label tags, very good.
responsive layout, good, but it has some small issue(not critical), which better they be fixed.
combobox come with a disabled option, but it’s not selected by default, fix it.

And issues
beside layout is working very good, but I think specifying a constant absolute value for textfield with would break your design in tablet and big mobile phones, same breaks layout for small mobile screens, check:

I see many waste of spaces in this tablet like screen.

This is better to let textfield goes fit to parent container in tablet and mobile view.

Also in mobile view you may apply less margin/padding to utilize more space for content.

My suggestion about submit button to make it white, with blue text(the blue you used for form bg)

Everything else looks very good.

I also suggest you have a read of my survey form challenge walkthrough article which comes with all these notes too, plus some good template and explanation about a neat, simple responsive layout which I believe you will find them useful.

Keep goin on great work, happy programming.

Hi, Thanks for the review! I made all the changes you have suggested. I also updated the colour theme changed input place holder to monochrome front, customised radio and check boxes. can you please how it its now.

This is pro now, very great progress indeed, perfect.

Mobile and tablet layout now look very great.

Awesome, you may consider it a great job, and think about starting some more great works soon.

keep goin on great work, happy programming

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