Feedback - Survey Form

Here’s my version of the Survey Form Project. It looks fine, but I still think I missed something or did something wrong (especially with the label tags thing) :thinking:

Any ideas?

Edit: Fixed labeling; responsiveness looks better now.

Everything seems good here to me. I like how you did the radio and checkboxes and the responsiveness is ok. If you wanted you could probably upgrade the aesthetics a bit (tweak colors, fonts, spacing, etc) and make a few changes on mobile (spacing/padding particularly) but I think it works as-is. Good job :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback!

Looks good, very good. But has some issues.

First I see you tried to sort of hack/cheat by overflow: hidden; for yout .container rule(line 25) to hide the horizontal line scroll when needed, but please don’t.
check the layout in mobile:

If there are any issue about layout and responsiveness, try to fix it, instead of hacky ways. I suggest you go for grid instead of list style for radio and checkbox buttons layout. Same if you could place each radio/checkbox in one line in mobile view, it will be great.

Label tag for textfield and combobox, very good, but radio and checkbox buttons come with missed label associated.

I see you layouted the radio and checkbox buttons as list items, first don’t do that, and use grid for instance. Beside as user hover the box contains the radio, and it respond to user event(highlight), user supposed to lcick on box(not only the radio element) to select the radio. This is actually possible when anything you place in associated label will do this for you.

Design looks really rich, it’s great, if you could fix the issues I noted, it’s one great work for survey challenge I believe.

All issues and the suggestion about the radio box mentioned could be found in this survey form challenge walkthrough article, I suggest you have a quick read.

Keep goin on great work my amigo, happy programming.

Thanks! I’ll try to fix that.