Survey Form Feedback - Help needed!

Hello Campers! I’ve been working on my survey form and it’s nearly finished but I can’t seem to get my radio buttons and checkboxes aligned just right. If anyone can help, I’d appreciate it.

Survey form

For desktop, it looks good. neat and simple.

But looks broken for mobile, just check

You set placeholders for text fields, very good.
Also used the group(titled) border for the form panels, awesome, really good.

Minor issues are about following

  • Radio and checkboxes have no any associated labels to them! Use label tag for specifying a label to a radio/checkbox.
  • This is better the combobox comes without any default value, and set to be empty or n option like --please select--
  • Having some more space between two form panels could be better
  • You also used label tag for some section are not really relevant. Just use label to associate text/elements to input elements.
  • Some sections also classed by wrong values! such as div container of Which of these symptoms are you experiencing?
  • The issue you stated about the placement of radio/checkboxes. You used a rule which comes with centering the elements (classes .checkboxes and .radio).

Remember even a very expert UI/UX designer, spend too much time to bring a all working and great work alive.
You should accept Taking time is part of programming, never give up and always try and try to fix any issue living .

Keep going on great work! Looking forward to see greater and more greater progress and work from you.

Happy programming.

Thank you so much! Really appreciate your feedback. Will work on it

YES! Even if it needs 10 hours, do it to make a habit to work awesome all the times.

Keep going on great work! Happy programming