Project - Survey Form Feedback

Hey campers!
Here is my survey form project:

Looking forward to read your feedback.

Look very good, I like the design, it’s very neat and clean. Simple designs, are the best ones.

This is my suggestion, and you may ignore, but I think that red background is so sharp! I prefer something more lighter/brighter instead.

Layout is working! superb. very good.

placeholder for textfield and textarea, perfect!

default disabled option for combobox, great!

The only issue is the missed label tag for radio and checkbox buttons, fix them and it’s perfect.

Keep goin on great work, happy programming

thanks for your feedback NULL, i’m not entirely sure which label tags you are referring to as I can’t spot any missing tags??

Hello Andrew,

If you check your code, you see there is some issues (probably type) with your label, for example considering following:

<input id="gender1" name="gender" type="radio" value="female">
<label for"gender1"="">Female</label>

Please note <label for"gender1"=""> is wrong! it should be
Same issue for rest radio buttons.

Also checkbox buttons, one exmaple:

<input class="genre" name="genre" type="checkbox" value="1">

You see, there is no association.

One easy work is putting the input tag inside the label tag will automatically associate anything to given input. e.g.

<label><input class="genre" name="genre" type="checkbox" value="1">Blues</label>

Also remove width: 100%; from body, it breaks your layout(check the horizontal scroll is there all the time)

Happy coding.

Thanks again Null,
I’ve reviewed my code and fixed it. I’m not sure what was happening with this:

<label for"gender1"="">Female</label>

As I didn’t code it like that, and on my local machine it’s not like that! But I’ve replaced it with the neater suggestion you provided.

Thanks for spotting the 100% width, I hadn’t noticed the scrollbar which is odd, as things like that usually bug me and I try not to let aesthetically wrong things happen!