Survey Form // Feedback

There’s surely plenty of suggestions to make so I’d love some quick feedback from anyone who has the time. I’m antsy to move onto the other projects but always wondering if I should spend more time perfecting these. Also, is this the proper format to ask for feedback - creating a new topic for each one? Thanks!

You’re off to a good start but the radio buttons and check boxes overlap with the words in their respective sections.

Hi Helon,

Your work is kind of special. It’s different.

First I tried to check if it’s responsive, which is not, it’s broken for mobile, check:

you see, small elements, overlapped elements, too much padding and space wasting, not cool, but easy to fix.

Radio and checkbox buttons come with associated label tag, but text field and combobox have no nay label associated.

Same add placeholder for textarea too.

About the way you locate the radio and checkbox button, and the text at the left, this is one reason I told you it’s special and different. I’m not telling you change it, but make it work for mobile too. Make sure it’s good looking for mobile screen too.

I suggest you enlarge text fields and combobox. I think they are so small! You apply one css rule for both radio and textfields. Where that height:20px might work for radio and checkbox, but not for text fields.

Tip: input[type=radio]{...} this css rule only affects radio buttons, not text fields or any other input types.

For the layout, I suggest you have a read over this survey form challenge walkthrough article. It contains sample codes, notes, tips and detailed talk about the one I just mentioned now.

Like to see some progress and update about your survey form soon.

Keep goin on great work, happy programming.

Thanks for the detailed feedback! I started reading through your article a bit. I’ve changed some things around but for some reason I’m still having trouble aligning the buttons with their respective labels. I’d imagine I still have a few overlapping things at the moment. I’d like to get this one fixed and then maybe start from scratch to get more practice creating survey forms.