Survey Form Project-2

Here is my Survey form project. Any feed back to improve …

Looks very good on desktop, but looks broken in mobile all becasue you used absolute units like pixel(pixel is evil in CSS)

Good parts:

  • Using label for radio and checkboxes, very good.
  • Spaces between elements and groups are good, I would like add a horizontal line between each group.
  • Color scheme is very good and minimal ,I like it. Good contrast between fg and bg colour.

but the bad parts! (easy to fix)
The label base align is not the same as textfield base alig, fix it.
(not critical) this could be great if the size of the combobox is the same as the text fields. Also use the same styling for this(border of textfield is different than combobox, using a same style)
The position of submit button, you used constant-absolute margin values? it’s bad! fix it.
It’s broken for mobile device.

Keep going on great work, happy programming.

Hi Null_dev,

Thank you for your time to review the project. I have fixed the mobile version.

Good, looks like it’s under progress, I checked it again, it’s still broken!

I suggest you start from a template layout, and append your ready elements to it and try again.

Keep goin on good work, try to fix the mobile.
Happy programing