Survey Form - Feedback Appreciated!

I am having some major trouble coming up with a simple grid layout. I resorted to using bootstrap to finish this project.

I would love feedback.

Looks great!
Just one thing to work on is the view. Try to adjust fields.

Hope this help!

Looks good, very good.

You applied placeholder for text fields, very good!

comboboxes come with a select an option value, very good(but you forgot to set it as default for first combobox, fix it)

Used label for radio and checkbox elements, very good.

You overridden the checkbox element and make them bigger(awesome for mobile devices, impressive, very good), why not for radio options too?!

The only issue I could teel is the layout of the radio buttons in mobile view, check:

I suggest layout the radio like the checkbox elements as flow(vertically).

Another good suggestion could be placing horizontal line (<hr/>) between sections in form, e.g. after and before radio button groups.

Some more spacing for the footer could be better too.

Keep going on great work, happy programming