Survey Form, Need your FeedBack?

hi everybody

I’ve just finished the survey form project, could you check it please and give me your feedback also about the structure and the design and don’t forget the most important part which is the code state it is suited in a good way or it’s like the garbage :slight_smile:

here is the link: Survey Form on CodePen

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Looks pretty clean my friend. I like the colors, and the button border.

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thanks a lot for your feedback :slight_smile:

Wow! that is really impressive!
for the <textArea> tag, I would suggest making it have a border, or change it’s color slightly…
the font is a little wierd for this kind of page…
maybe change it to Optima or Share Tech Mono

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Hi and nice work :clap:

Looks great but I think the input fields could be a bit wider on the mobile view and the “choose a stack” input isn’t lining up with the rest of them in this view either.

Found the code straightforward and easy to follow too.

Here’s my survey form if you want to check it out and see how I structured my code.

Happy coding :smiley:

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i made all the change you mentioned thanks a lot for your feedback :slight_smile: you can take a look now it’s neat than before :slight_smile: thank you so much again @ConnerOw1115

decent for a starter, time to learn flexbox

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I take your advice and I changed the alignment of the dropdown it’s now well structured than before :slight_smile: thanks a lot for your feedback :slight_smile:

I took a look at your survey form
I love it especially your checkboxes styling go ahead you make a great work :slight_smile:

thanks a lot for the feedback
I’ve learned flexbox, please can you explain why we need to use it here in the survey form?
because I think there will be no wrapping!

what if i ask you to make this form inline, means the label and input are on same line and perfectly aligned from bottom elements?

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yes you’re right then it’s preferred to use flexbox, flexbox and grid layout if you master it you can make robust pages
thanks a lot for your help :slight_smile:

nice! it is much better where I can see the text area!

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