Survey Form feedback anyone?

Finally finished my survey form, it totally made my brain ache yesterday doing this but managed to clean it up and simplify it this morning!

Any feedback would be greatly received! My Survey Form

P.s I wrote the code in and copied and pasted into Codepen. I haven’t (can’t be bothered right now) structured the html properly in CodePen!

Good effort. If you want it to look nicer, work on aligning elements eg. radio inputs and checkboxes would look better if they lined up vertically. I found this article quite helpful Survey Form Challenge Walkthrough (feedback is appreciated)

Thanks ozmos, that article was great! I’ve managed to tweek my drop down option from the article, which is really handy to know! I’ve had a quick google about lining up radio buttons but didn’t find a solution that worked on my project. It’s now on the list of things to conquer this week!

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