Looking for feedback on my survey page

Just finished the survey form! Check it out and let me know what you think, any feedback is much appreciated.


Wow! such an amazing form!
I really like how the background blends into the form and how I can also see the text so easily.
I found an error with your radio buttons:
there are two questions that use radio buttons. don’t give them the same name attribute or I can only answer one question and not both. give the first set of radios the name recycleOften and the second set willing2change. then I can answer both of them.

I really like how you styled the checkboxes.
Great job on that.

Try to have only one scrollbar. fix the image and then remove the scroll by writing overflow:hidden in your css. Assign the hidden overflow to your background image and use overflow:auto in your form so that there will be only one scrollbar

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looks really good how long did it take?

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That was really useful feedback, thanks! Didn’t even notice that about the radio buttons so cheers for pointing that out. Much appreciated!

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Thanks! Took about 2 days, though the check-boxes took the most amount of time

Hi :wave:

Looks really good on laptop view - well done!

Might need a little bit more work for the smaller mobile screen views, the padding looks a bit off and makes it look kinda wonky.

Happy coding and good luck in the next project!