Feedback for my SurveryForm, please :)

Hello Co-Campers!

Hope everyone is doing fine.

I just finished my Survey Form and I’d like to ask for your precious feedback. I am not sure with the background images, so please let me know if I’d keep it that way or better take it off or what not. Please let me know. Thank you very much!

Here is the link:

Happy Coding! :blush:

Pretty good overall design! I would

enable checking off checkboxes by clicking on their labels.
Slightly increase in your submit button’s size.
On mobile view, I don’t like that there’s white space on the left side of screen.

Good luck!

Looks very nice. You put more effort into this project than I did with mine.

I agree with @shimphillip that you should check out the margins on your browser’s mobile view.

Oh noes! I didn’t realize there’s that white space in there. Haha. Noted on the button and checkboxes. Thanks a lot! :heart:

That’s the problem with me, it takes me ages to decide what fonts, colors, etc to use. I think I need to minimize that. Very time consuming. Thank you for your comment. :heart:

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