Build a Survey Form (css styling)

Hello, I have passed all the tests in this challenge but when it comes to styling with css it is so hard and I can’t style them perfectly. Please give me some tips to style the survey page or how can we be good at styling?
Here is the example of the project.

I like to sketch things out on paper or use some prototyping software (e.g. is free) to gain some clarity on what I want to achieve. Then it’s a matter of breaking things down into smaller problems. e.g. “I want the headline to look like this, how do I get there?”, "Dropdown should look like that, how do I … "

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Read about CSS Selector @ W3school

Try learning or watching YouTube videos on
Learn about :
*Display(inline, block, flexbox, grid…)
*Width and height

And more and more CSS trick and CSS preprocessors

Practice! practice! practice!

Then you’re a Pro

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Thanks for sharing the info I will check it out. This is my final result : )

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I appreciate the suggestion, I checked some of the properties and did a revise so I feel more comfortable now.

wow nice improvement, am glad I could help, you’re already a pro now. If you can research and improve this much then you’re already a pro :smiley: :+1:

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Thank you for the motivation and the help, glad there are nice people in Freecodecamp forums : )

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