Build a survey form, feedback please! Version 1.0

Hello campers,

I have just finished my project.

Overall, I am decently satisfied with it. But I know this can be a lot better…

One problem I am facing is textarea’s border-left disappears on mobile view. Please advise me on this.

Thank you for your feedbacks.


How wide is your mobile’s screen. I can make the borders disappear in chrome developer tools’ responsive view by selecting a smaller phone. But on my iPhone 7+ they’re there even though I get a warning about using Safari. Remember, developer tools aren’t always precise. When testing the phone wins.

Wow thanks. I guess Chrome developer tools can’t really replicate actual mobile views although they are pretty close.

I will work on it.

The problem seems to be fixed if you reduce the margin on the .column class. If I change the margin to 10px for the div, I don’t see the clipping problem with the textarea in Google’s mobile view.

On mobile I might also change the background from a gradient to a solid background color.

Overall, I like your styling! I only noticed the clipping thing on the textarea because you pointed it out.

Thank you for your suggestion. I will work on them :slight_smile:

It’s so good.
I like it.

Thank you for your kind words :slight_smile:

or try screen fly -->

I will check it out :sunglasses: