Survey Form project, need your feedback please

Hi there, I build the second Survey Form
Could you give me review about it?? really appreciate it…


This is amazing. I love it! And it is also responsive

It is perfect; as for me, I can’t figure out any issue/query.

You have really tried sincerely!

its nice, looks a little weird when the screen width is less than 770 though. Your comments textarea is also pretty interesting, i can increase its width but i cant decrease it

Thanks for your feedback :slight_smile: , may I know what browser do you use? In my chrome it’s weird in the responsive mode…

Thanks for your feedback, may I know what browser do you use to open it? You said it’s interesting, so is it unconvenient for you to unable decrease the width of textarea?

im using chrome, and i mean i literally cant reduce the width of the textarea even if i wanted to

I used chrome. BTW, I only resized the browser on PC. Maybe that’s why it is responsive (bigger than phone’s screen).

I checked using my mobile phone now, everything is perfect. I mean responsive!

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I think you should make some hover effect on button. It will make the button more intuitive
And about the label tag, personally, I think it’s a bit too standout in comparison to the part needed to fill in.
I guess you want to emphasize them, but to me it’s a bit strange.
Usually in form that label note/explanation part would be smaller and less standout than the main part

It looks really nice! The only thing is that the sentences with the grey background could be a bit more visible I think…at least myself I have to make a slight effort to read them. How about increasing the contrast?

Sorry for late reply, thank you so much for your feedback :smile:

That’s also my concern, at first I tried with smaller size for the label tag but I found some of my friends complain it was so hard for them to read…
And I don’t want to make all of the font size bigger that’s why I make all of them in the same font size…
But thanks to give me your opinion, really appreciate it…

Ahhh I see… Thanks for your feedback :wink:, I’ll try improved it…

I tend to be pretty critical in my suggestions, just a forewarning.

Anyone is welcomed to tag me in their projects for feedback from me too.

My background: full-time web developer, I’ve made/contributed to almost 100 websites professionally.

Onto your feedback…

CSS is sloppy in mobile.
I’m not too familiar with CodePen, but is that hamburger button your add-on?
Too many colors. (white, gray, green, red, i can’t tell the color of that other text)
Text on light background doesn’t look right.
Weird to type comments all on one line.
Nothing on site entices me to want to give out my information.
Too much text. (Nobody likes filling out forms. The simpler the better.)
Occupation should say “Select One…” or something like that to suggest I can quickly pick one.
“Shhhesh it’s a secret looks sloppy on two lines”.
All the extra comments are unnecessary.
Offer optional fields (ie to phone number, name) nobody likes giving out phone numbers to unknown sites.
I dont know what this means “Let us know what is your interests so we can give you the best pleasure in our website”
Offer “other” with checkboxes (other platforms tried)
The dropdown box for Occupation doesnt look right. It’s like a half curved line.
Placeholder text is kinda hard to read.

Ok I think that’s enough critiques. Remember I’m not here to bash you. Just some advice everyone can learn from.

Your site has a purpose.
I like the humor “Sheesh it’s a secret”.
Background image kinda relates to what you’re about to do.
Not too many fields to fill out.
Font is large and readable.
Descriptive title.
With exception of extra comments with the light-background., the form looks light.

All these critiques are solely based on the design. I didn’t look at any of the code.

Good luck!