Survey Form-Project

How are you? I hope you have an amazing day so far!

Can I take 2 minutes from your time?? Thank you!!

I just want to tell you that I just finished my Survey Form-Project and I want you to check it out please!!

Also I want to you write me your opinion It will mean a lot to me!!

Just click the link here :

Thank you for your time, have an wonderful day!!

Bye :smile:

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Hi Klaudia I liked the CSS styles that you have used in the Form, the truth is very good. Continue this way and you will achieve your goals.


Thank you so much!! Your comment means a lot!!

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Decent, but I would increase contrast of the text at the bottom of the page for mobile users.

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Good start. In addition to the contrast issue mentioned, I would suggest making the size of the text boxes and buttons larger on mobile devices/smaller screens.

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Thank you sp much for your comment!!
I will fix it!!

Thank you for your comment!!

I will fix it and I will let you know!!