My survey-form project . can you give feedback

Hi Everyone,

I finished my second project survey-form. What do you think about it ? Is there any suggestions ?
I hope is good.


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I really like the light purple-ish color you chose. The inputs look really nice at that size and the submit button is really beautiful. the only thing you need to change on the inputs is to round the corners a bit.
At all else, great job.

Hi @OmarFawzi! I really like your form :ok_hand: I think the color palette is very harmonious and the form fulfills its function correctly. :clap::clap:

However, if you apply the FCC tests, your project passes only 15 of the 17 tests.

Apart from that, I would suggest that you consider adapting the width of the form for the mobile case. The current width of 50% is fine for medium to large devices, but I think it is too narrow in a mobile.

Cheers and happy codding!:keyboard::heart:

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Good job! I like the fact that you kept everything in the middle. The choice of colors is good and the design is to the point. Nothing seems to be extra.

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I like the colors and design, as others have said. I think you should look into doing another media query? Around 1000px is when it starts to get a bit messy, so possibly like this:

@media (max-width:1000px)
/* mobile css here */

Also, the text size in the input elements is pretty small considering how tall the input boxes are. Maybe change the height to match the font size, or change the font size to match the height? That’s just a nitpick, though. You did really good!:relaxed:

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Thank you for your feedback , I will make the change you suggestion.

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Thank you very mach . I will make the change in mobile case and thank you again for your suggestion.

Thank you very much , I appreciate thanks

Thank you for your suggestion , I will make it but first I must learn more about media.
and i will change font size.
Thank you again .

Nice survey form. You can use “Web Developer” extention in chrome for responsive view, and here learn more about @media : :+1:

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That is good , thank you i add some code to the form .
Thanks again .:+1:


Things to take a look -
Typography for inputs and their size
Add icons to make it stand out from the rest.

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ok , i will. :+1:
Thank you very much