Build a Survey Form Help

I’ve been dedicating 1 hour a day to FreeCodeCamp, and I’ve finished all courses leading up to Build a Survey Form, but I cannot seem to remember much at all as the courses go over so many different types of codes and elements now that I’m up to building the survey I’m so confused on what to do and I want to continue but don’t know how.

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It is a part of a learning process. One thing you have learnt for sure is not to hurry to pass the challenges because it doesn’t make any sense if you want to understand the broaden picture behind the code. Anyway, for this first project, follow the “User Stories” and browse the Web a little to find how to structure your web page, where to add styling rules, what is a class, id and so on. There is no shortcut if you are serious about the intention to learn html and css.

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