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Hey all,

Please ignore the lack of code, this is more of a generic questions regarding this project and how best to approach it. I hope this is ok and not in anyway a problem for the forum.

I started FreeCodeCamp a few days ago and have been having a great time going through it and while at the start I used the help hint button a few times in places in general that has died down and it’s been good sailing.

However that came to end with this first project. I’m basically stumped and not sure how best to handle it. Whichever way I look it at it feels like cheating and in doing that I know I’m only cheating myself.

I basically can’t remember anything other than the basic HTML and have the options of looking at hints on here and seeing other people’s code, googling - in which case you just find code to do the thing you’ve forgotten or looking at the previous course where you built a survey - in which case I’m then again just looking at prior code or redoing the steps but guided and then when I get to the bit I need in the new project just swapping tabs and putting in the code now I know it again.

All of which again just feels like cheating myself.

I guess I’m a bit lost with how youre supposed to handle this unless your either blessed with a photographic memory or fine with cheating yourself by just finding the code you need in one of then 3 ways I’ve mentioned and using it - in which case I’ve not really done anything - I’m basically copying/pasting - which begs the question why have this step of that’s all I’m going to do?

Sorry if this is a bit rambly, just feel a bit down after throughly enjoying it all upto to this point and not sure if the best way to approach.

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Challenge: Survey Form - Build a Survey Form

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It is perfectly fine to google how to use a certain command or even how to accomplish a certain task.
Say you want to create a form and you’ve forgotten how. Google that.
Avoid copying code though. Use the results of the search to refresh your memory or even to learn something new.

Since you are building a survey form, it is probably a good idea to come up with a topic for your survey and some questions.
Try to think of some design flair you would like to see on your page. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to do it.

Once you have a drawing or some design ideas written down of what your survey form will be like then go from there.

Again, avoid copying swaths of code. Just look up what you need to accomplish the design you’ve come up with. If you see something cool along the way, learn how to make it, and include it in your design. It is fine to not recall much at this stage, so long as you know what is possible so you have an idea of where to go to find answers.

hope this helps

Agreed, also I just finished the responsive web design course, and trust me, by the end of it you will have a pretty solid grounding in all this stuff.

But the cert projects are definitely harder and I found myself wanting to go way overboard on them lol.

When I looked at the tests I saw how simple they actually are and stuck with that which was a much easier gradient to learning.

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