Build a survey form - INPUT

Hello there.
My survey form project shows only 1 error with the input button.

This is a link to my code:

This is the error shown:

What am I missing?

Welcome to the forums @rafael007. It’s easier for people to help if you post a link to your codepen.

As an aside, you can click on the red button to see what test failed and read the failing test message that will help you resolve the issue.

It doesn’t allows me to save the error cuz it has many links. I’m a beginner at this, please help

This is a screenshot of the error

Look at the message:

There should be a button with id=“submit”

You need to give the button an id attribute with the value of submit, right now you only have a type attribute of submit.

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Yesss !! It worked!!
Thanks a lot.

No problem, just remember the test gives you a pretty good idea of what is needed. So always give it a good read.

Happy coding!