Build a Survey Form **User Story #6:**

User Story #6: If I enter an email that is not formatted correctly, I will see an HTML5 validation error.

How can I do it?

By the way, my code is here:-

no idea how to complete it, pls give comments

Hey @sinkeehk!

When I ran the tests it shows that you are passing user story 6. So maybe you already fixed the issue. I would work on the other failing user stories (stories 4,5, and 14)

This lesson will help with user stories 4 and 5

This lesson should help with user story 14

Hope that helps!

Happy coding!

Many Thanks!
Let me keep going to enjoy the rest :slight_smile:

@sinkeehk, when a test fails, click on the red button. This will show you what the text was looking for and give text on what you need to do to correct the issue.

thx sooo much, but still no idea of #4, #5



It looks as though you’ve resolved the issues with #4 and #5 @sinkeehk. Good job!
One more user story left.