Build a Survey Form

My code keeps failing for these requirements please help

*/ <label for="number" id="number" name="number-label"> What is your age?
    <input id="number" min=18 max=50 type="number">

You should have a label element with an id of number-label .
Your #number-label should contain text that describes the input.
Your #number-label should be a descendant of #survey-form .

You don’t have a label element with an id attribute of number-label, so all of those tests can’t pass.

Hi @Oizzat

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Your issue is that you’re missing a quote mark in the placeholder attribute of your input element here:

MOD edit - replaced placeholder attribute value

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You are also missing quote marks for other attributes.

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It works now thank you very much

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Works now thank you! I will delete the email

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