Build a Technical Documentation Page- help me please!

Which is the best option, to create your own Technical Document or to manipulate the one provided by FCC? Please help me before I sink. Thank you so much.

Ideally, you would create your own by forking the link for the codepen at the bottom. That being said I understand how difficult it can be when you are in the middle of something like this. What I would do is try the forked one first and compare to the original for visual reference, then try to search the answers yourself online. If all else fails and no one can give you an answer to the particular issues, then go in and look at the code from the FCC example. Even then I would make sure not to copy and paste without making sure I thoroughly understood that particular part, and then go back and try the other parts myself without the FCC example. It is a difficult process, but keep in mind that one of the best skills of being a programmer is to be able to find the answers online, be it on our forum, or quora, stackoverflow, MDN, source documentation etc… When you struggle through this you aren’t just teaching yourself the answers, you are teaching yourself how to research for more difficult problems in the future. That means it is never a waste of time even if it may be exhausting.

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Thanks a lot. True, the goal is to learn and understand not to copy other people’s work. I highly regard your input and it will be my frontlets. Thanks so much for insight.

Be blessed.