Build a Technical Documentation Page test 4,10,12,13

Tests not passing 4,10,12,13 in Build a Technical Documentation Page.
Here’s the link to my project: []

If you read the first couple of lines in the error message it will tell you what’s wrong. Albeit not the most human friendly, it’s industry standard. Your main problem is not being careful with your typing. Your closing section tags don’t have a / If you type section then hit the tab key the editor will give you a properly formed element.

You need to pay attention to case. The case of the main-section header text must be the same case as the ids and the nav-link href.

There is also a typo in one of the nav-link classes. In the editor section there is a down arrow, if clicked upon, will drop down a menu. Select “Analyze HTML”. It will find most, not all, of your errors.

Hi… I am unable to solve tests 4,5,12,13. Could you please help me with this.

You haven’t yet corrected everything in my previous post. I’m not supposed to tell you the answer, but help you discover it. So I’m learning to implement that rule.

Let’s look at an error message:

Each 'main-section' should have an id attribute : expected false to equal true

Your “main-section” elements should have an id. They don’t so the test returned false. If the “main-section” had an id the test would return true. This is the meaning of “expected false to equal true”. Now put an id on each “main-section”.

Could you please help me with tests 4 and 12. For the 4th test I wrote the text of the header with same case and underscores instead of spaces. Isn’t that what we’re supposed to do?

First, remove all of the ID’s from your heading and header tags within the main section of the document. They are not needed. They are only needed in your section tags.

[Error 12] These are your nav-links:

    <a href="#javascript" class="nav-link">JavaScript</a><br>
    <a href="#hello_world" class="nav-link">Hello World</a><br>
    <a href="#variables" class="nav-link">Variables</a><br>
    <a href="#Gvariables" class="nav-link">Global variables</a><br>
    <a href="#reference" class="nav-link">Reference</a><br>

All of these ID’s and spellings must be changed to:

    <a href="#JavaScript" class="nav-link">JavaScript</a><br>
    <a href="#Hello_World" class="nav-link">Hello World</a><br>
    <a href="#Variables" class="nav-link">Variables</a><br>
    <a href="#Global_Variables" class="nav-link">Global Variables</a><br>
    <a href="#Reference" class="nav-link">Reference</a><br>

You will then need to update all of your section ID’s to the ID’s above. You will also need to correct the spellings of all of your headers, and remove their ID’s. They have no purpose. Only the section needs an ID, which needs to match the text of your header.

<section id="variables" class="main-section">
      <header id="Variable">Variable</header>

The text within your <header> must be changed to "Variables", to match the text within your <a> tags in your navbar. ID must also be updated to "Variables"

<section id="Gvariables" class="main-section">
      <header id="Global_variables">Global variables</header>

Your header text must be changed to Global Variables, to match the text within your <a> tags in your navbar. You will also need to correct your section ID to be "Global_Variables.

You do not need any ID’s in your <header> tags, they can all be removed. Your <a> tag ID’s within your navbar need to correlate with your <section> ID’s, which should represent each piece of text in the heading for each section heading.

Make sure to update each section ID, your a tags, and remove all header ID’s. As well as updating each heading’s text.

Thank you ajkilmurray and tlc35us … helped a lot :smiley:

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